Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to my first blog entry ...

I have done a lot of different things in my career. I've been primarily self-employed since 1994. I've been involved in a lot of ventures, some successful and some not so successful. I've decided to start this blog as I am on the eve of starting a new business venture. Though I cant talk much about what the business is because its a unique idea, I will talk about some of the things and interesting finds that take place along the path of seeing this idea to fruition. 

So this is my first entry. I'm looking forward to a time when I can refer back to this blog entry made at a time when I realized that my most successful moments came from following my own inspired ideas. Right now I am blessed to have a team of like-minded individuals to accompany me on this journey. More importantly that they share the belief of doing business with integrity. Those individuals are (in no particular order) Shazell Bush, DeDan Baldwin and Jamal Waring. Three of us Co-Own PubCity, LLC but together we are about to carry out one common goal. 

The best part for us is it involves the business of music, something we are all passionate about. It also involves a great deal of technical skills that we all posses. But best of all it should be fun. As you know when your job is something you enjoy it never feels like work. Despite that our work ethic is impeccable. Overall we have no reason to fail and failure is not an option. By following this blog (featuting all sorts of random things I find interesting or have learned and would like to share), you will be following my personal journey and it is my hope that you wish us all the best along the way. I also hope to see you at our destinations. --A.R.

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