Thursday, August 13, 2009

WHO'S ME? Introducing ME KOBANE w/ Prize Contest

On the eve of planning the first ever Justos Mixtape Awards "M3 - Mixtape Masters Marathon" with Chris "Excel" Rodriguez and the rest of the staff, Chris and I were approached by a mutual friend who wanted us to let Me Kobane get on. With over 25 M.C's (Joell Ortiz, Mr. Crisis, Agallah, Charles Hamilton, etc.) already confirmed to rock on two stages, we was like, "Who's Me?" Needless to say we let him open but neither of us got to actually see him perform.

Not too long ago the same friend hit me with an advance listen of Me Kobane's forthcoming mixtape "Me Got Game" (available now). As he plugged his USB stick into my computer I'm thinking, "Cool, I finally get to hear this kid." After listening I made it my business to get a copy of everything before that USB stick went anywhere else. I've been listening every since. I was refreshed by Me Kobane's style and approach and like any true M.C, I believe he brings something to the game. Just so you can get it like I got it, I took the liberty to write out the first 16 of 28 bars from his "Intro", Rhyme of the Month style. 

Soul drippin' on the beat when the story told,
most left, went right to the glory road./
But the players on Kentucky ain't all White,
yeah they hatein' in ya hood like it's all White./
Wit a pointed top, reppin' three K's,
Outkast like Dre wit the 3 K's./
Hey ya felt bombs over Baghdad,
they toss shots cuz they know that I rock./
From a Bronx block I Shock G's, Digital Underground,
I get around, fear the hazard of fly guy./ 
The flow got 'em like Johnny with the My My's,
it sure looks good - tonights the night./
Whatever I write is visual, it's in the physical,
if I ain't do it then it's something that the kids'll do./
Team player but I'm such a individual,
only blaming Koby if my situation critical./
Never do I worry cuz my mind in the heavens,
and I'ma do what Starks couldn't do in Game 7./
Take advantage of my shot, wit the wittiest of plots,
rep my borough, take the city to the top. /
Flip flop people do it like they at the pool,
March 31st, next day, go fool./
Approach beats with no rules and this one,
reminds me of Big Mama's last scene in Soul Food./
I'm the little boy setting up the dinner,
carryin' tradition, for those who care to listen./
For those who feel they missin', good grub Sunday,
I spit the itis make 'em call out Monday./
And the Groupies yeah I see those types,
get scratch like mosquitoes bites, they see those lights./
Like a moth get a addicted to the fixture,
Street, Knowledge and Style I be the best mixture...

After listening to that and the rest of his Intro, I knew this Bronx representer was something special. Like most mixtapes he raps over known beats but his beat selection alone sort of makes him stand out. His delivery on Aster Roth's "Go Kart" (music video below) demonstrates his ability to bridge both the new and the old school. However my absolute favorite is one of his original songs titled, "Hoodie". On first listen I totally missed the visuals for his words. Therefore I decided to put together a contest that all Twitter users can participate with (Twitter accounts are FREE at It is as follows:

T H E    C O N T E S T

1.) Listen to the track #4 titled "Hoodie" on "Me Kobane - Me Got Game, Hosted by Don Demarco". ( Link Here)
2.) Break down what the song is about "visually" and use the code #hoodiebreakdown as part of your answer (#hoodiebreakdown must be used so we can track your answer).
3.) Be sure to Follow @MeKobane and myself @A2ThaR.
4.) The first responders with the correct breakdown will win an official T-Shirt from PubCity, The Next Movement of Design, while supplies last.
5.) Winners will be contacted by Direct Message via Twitter. That is why it is important to follow instruction #3. You may be congratulated by Me Kobane himself. 
6.) Look for the follow-up blog entry breaking down "Hoodie" here at "Tha Resource". I may quote from listeners feedback so use #hoodiebreakdown for your general thoughts as well.
7.) Watch the video for "Go Kart" below ... just because.