Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recommended Reading: Blue Ocean Strategy

I spent the morning listening to an audible book while working called Blue Ocean Strategy. It's a resource for developing a blue ocean approach to marketing strategies, as most seem to be accustomed to red ocean thinking. For me the book basically confirmed that I am already a marketing genius because it's a virtual blueprint to how I already think (yes, I am learning to give myself credit where credit is due). Overall I value this book because it will help me stay focused and aligned while still thinking outside the box because I often get scatter-brain.

I personally prefer audible books because I like to multi-task but I must warn you in this case. They could have chosen someone who sounds a lot less boring to read this book. However, If interested in the book or audible check out the link below.

Sample Audio Available

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  1. Im Gonna check it out when I get home - everything is blocked @ work... NEXT time make sure you put me on 1st (so I can get my Mind right) B4 leaking valuable information to the public, lol...