Monday, December 29, 2008

Arsenio Hall: From "The A List" to "The Blacklist" to "The World's Funniest Moments"

By now everyone has herd that Arsenio Hall is returning to television with "The World's Funniest Moments". I am hoping the show is supported because Hall has been blacklisted since 1994 for reasons that were totally unjust. There are a number of theories as to why "The Arsenio Hall Show" was cancelled after a successful five year run. However none of the reasons justify the untimely cancellation. One reason was the network grew concerned about his temper after he spazzed on Queer Nation (see YouTube Clip). The other theory, and the one that I support, is his own theory that the show was cancelled for inviting Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. There is no coincidence that the successful show was pulled just weeks after Farrakhan's appearance.

Hall claimed according to Wikipedia, "his decision to have the controversial Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan appear turned affiliates, advertisers and some viewers off the show, which ultimately led to its cancellation." It became evident in the actual interview that Hall’s decision to proceed with the appearance was met with much opposition and protest. Hall pointed out that calls of concern even came from Whoopi Goldberg who felt caught in-between because she was both black and Jewish. After watching the interview back then and again more recently, it’s pretty clear to me that Farrakhan does not in any way teach anti-Semitism (the more prominent cause of concern). The Minister only points out, as many Jewish scholars duly admit, that Jews had a significant role in slavery. If reparations for slavery are due, Farrakhan believes Jews have a share of accountability amongst the more known participants.

Watch the Farrakhan interview parts entirely (see below). After, if you believe that the show was cancelled unjustly I urge you to support his return by watching "The World's Funniest Moments." I also ask you to email this post to anyone this may concern.

Hall/Farrakhan Pt. 1
Hall/Farrakhan Pt. 2
Hall/Farrakhan Pt. 3
Hall/Farrakhan Pt. 4
Hall/Farrakhan Pt. 5


  1. Jews were not disproportinately involved in slavery. Get your facts straight.

  2. There are Jewish scholars that say different. Tell them to get their facts straight. You obviously didn't watch the interview before you made your comment.

  3. The problem was after the Farrakahn interview,comedian Tom Arnold told him that if he was going to have him on,he should at least have a rebuttal from the Jewish community.His response was that"this is my show.Ican do what I want to and if anybody don't like it they can kiss my but".I said then,He's done.He was cancelled less than a week later.It was dumb on his part not to know who signs his checks.

  4. Anon -was the Tom Arnold reference done on the show. If so, is there a youtube of it ? Yep, Arsenio , like most people get ahead of themselves and forget who not only provides the butter and bread, but the knife you spread it with. Lesson to learn, its not your show if you are getting a paycheque from someone else.

    I like Arsenio, but yes, you have to allow for both sides of the argument. The black slavery issue has been successfully put to the back burner since so many were involved.

    In my opinion, the worse human crime ever committed, and allowed to be ignored.

  5. Hall was blacklisted because he made fun of the show Martial Law that he was on in an interview to millions of viewers and since then he has had a sketchy career.